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By a family business committed to childrens football.

FOOTIEGOALS are made with high impact environmentally friendly plastic.They are made to last and include better quality thicker longer lasting nets. With a two-year guarantee, that others dare not match, they outperform all other children's plastic goals by a country mile.

Reviews on other Football Goals

Comments seen on the Tesco web site about goal posts, as seen 16th November 2014

“I bought this three weeks ago it is rubbish and not worth the money it felt to bits in a week.
I will never shop at TESCO again

No,I do not recommend this product ”

Comments seen on the Argos web site about goal posts, as seen 3rd December 2014

Poor Quality
This product only lasted three weeks but in theory 6 days and was only used weekends it fell apart very poor quality”

Good and Bad
I bought this for my two sons aged 10 and 11. The good side is they have been out in the sunshine constantly playing football having a whole load of fun. The bad side is the frame does not lock in properly and the net already has already ripped. This happened yesterday precisely a week since they were given it. My.children respect their toys etc and have not Been unduly rough.

Having been prompted by the request from argos to Complete this survey am writing a letter of complaint.”

Poor quality
This is not even worth the half price we paid for it! First day, 2 holes in the net. Every time the ball hits the frame it comes apart. Only 7 yrs olds playing. This will not last a month. Waste of money.”

Comments seen on the Amazon web site about goalposts, as seen 11th December 2014

“You get what you pay for!

I bought one of these for my 6 year old son. Although the price is great, I have to say the goal is very basic. Once assembled it feels very flimsy (steel stanchions indeed!) so I'm not sure how long it will last. It also doesn't have a carry bag, which makes storage a problem and we can't take it anywhere. ”

“Cheap, and not very well made.

Easy enough to put together. Bought a pair of these in April. They have just about survived a summer of heavy use by my football mad 9 year old son. The ground pegs are totally inadequate. Ours are held down with trampoline anchors which seem to do the job. All the thin braces have now bent ,rusted, broken, been patched and bent again, and even one of the stronger tubes received a direct hit and has buckled. Note that whilst the description on the box hints at weather resistance, the instructions inside the box advise you to keep them out of the rain. ”

“..Rather flimsy......

I bought this for my 5 year old boy. its rather flimsy, and even with the pegs to support it to the ground it doesn't stand up easily. my boy loved it until he kicked his ball at it and it fell down almost every time. when he was in goal it kept falling on him. what a shame ”

“..Less than impressed......

I bought this for my 12 year old stepson, and was less than impressed. Within 10 mins of him and his friend having a kick about the thing was toppled over and bent. we bought some extra strong pegs to hold it in the ground but the goal still buckled. boys will be boys when playing football, but this was just not up to the task! ”

“They fall over very easily and are very flimsy,

These are a bit feeble, no prob putting them together 10 mins, they fall over very easily and are very flimsy, I know they are not too expensive but would not expect them to last very long 1 yr max as my small lad 6 yrs old uses them a bit and even with pinning it down falls over frequently. ”

“ ..... has a bend in already from a ball hitting it!!

Was disappointed how thin the actual metal was one side has a bend in already from a ball hitting it!! ”

“ ..... broke on the first time of use

We waited nearly an extra month to get them, both goals broke on the first time of use which could have resulted in an injury to a child. They are very poor quality in comparison to the supposedly same sets of goals that we have previously had. ”

Look carefully, as the review 'stars' on other sites will often refer to other products and not football goals


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